2ULaundry Member Spotlight: Emily C.

We sat down with one of our long-term 2ULaundry members, Emily C., to ask her about her favorite things to do in Charlotte, her worst laundry woes, and one really weird fact. Take a peek!


How long have you lived in Charlotte?

On and off since I was 5 years old (36 years).

What’s your favorite thing about the city?

I love how Charlotte is always growing and changing and that it has a “big city” feel while maintaining the “southern charm”

What are some of your favorite Charlotte hangouts?

As of mom of three kids under 10, our favorite places tend to be parks and “kid friendly” spots…we love Freedom Park, Inner Peaks, all of the Discovery Place museums. Kid friendly restaurants like Providence Sundries, Phil’s Deli and Cowfish top our list.

How do you spend your days?

I am an Area Manager for The Produce Box, LLC, a produce delivery service that brings fresh North Carolina produce and artisan food items right to your door…like 2ULaundry for produce! I also write a weekly family events blog for Scoop Charlotte.

What’s the worst part about laundry / dry cleaning for you?

The folding…again the 3 kids…everything is small and the folding takes FOREVER. Plus our washer and dryer is in our basement, so I always forget about it, and then it’s overwhelming.

How did you hear about 2ULaundry?

Social media…such a great concept with awesome customer service…I had to try it out.

What do you like about 2ULaundry?

The ease…we just fill up the bags (yes we have more than one), put them out, and then they magically appear full of clean clothes. If only someone would come put it all away!

What’s one weird / cool / interesting fact about yourself?

Hmmm…I climbed Kilmanjaro with my sister in 2006…my 41 year old self thinks that’s pretty cool.

We think that’s pretty cool too. Thanks, Emily, for being this month’s 2U Member spotlight!