2ULaundry Spotlight: Jas Dillard

When not caring for her family and running marathons while teaching the future generation, Jas is one of our awesome customers! She reached out to us after being satisfied with a customer care experience, so we wanted to feature her as this month’s 2ULaundry spotlight.

How long have you lived in Charlotte?

8 and a half years

What’s your favorite thing about the city?

We love how family-friendly it is!

What are some of your favorite Charlotte hangouts?

We love going to Providence Road Sundries, Leroy Fox, Deejai Thai, the movies at Phillip’s Place, Sugar Creek Brewery & the Starbucks in Eastover.

How do you spend your days?

I own a Math & Reading Learning franchise called Kumon. Our location, The Kumon of Myers Park is across the street from Park Road Shopping Center.

What’s the worst part about laundry / dry cleaning for you?

I do not like the clutter of baskets, mix-matched socks, washed clothes that need to be fluffed, dirty clothes and then accidentally confusing the two. It’s a mess!

How did you hear about 2ULaundry?

I saw the 2ULaundry bags on porches and the 2ULaundry car in my neighborhood. I was very curious!

What do you like about 2ULaundry?

I love how there’s no clutter! I feel like my house is cleaner because there’s no laundry to wash, fluff, fold or put away. Everyone seems delighted to put away their 2ULaundry. I also love how much more time I have to work and hang with my family!

What’s one weird / cool / interesting fact about yourself?

In 2013, I ran my first 5k and a marathon within 6 months of each other. I’m still recovering. 🙂

Wow! Jas is inspiring us to jump up and fit more awesome experiences into every day. Thanks for being our 2ULaundry spotlight!