3 Easy Ways to Cheat on Ironing

A crisp white shirt. What could be more classic? Both polished and effortless with just a hint of je ne se quois, a blouse is perfect for every occasion from a weekday at the office to a casual Sunday brunch. But let’s be honest, there’s nothing effortless about ironing every blouse after they come out of the wash and again after they mysteriously wrinkle up after only one wear.

Don’t worry — here are three easy ways to get that perfectly pressed look without ever having to pull out the iron.

Use Your Straightener

Next time you whip out your hair straightener to tame some crazy hairs, whisk it along the cuffs and collar of your shirt as well. For cotton fabrics, a high heat setting will work best. For more delicate fabrics, use a low heat setting. Just make sure there’s no build up on the plates before going to work!

Ice, Ice Baby

This is similar to hanging up a blouse while you take a shower but even faster and way more effective. Throw a wrinkled blouse into the dryer with 2–3 ice cubes and run on a high heat setting for a few minutes. As the ice cubes melt, they’ll create a steam to de-wrinkle the fabric. Voila!

Spritz Away

Turns out you’re not the only person who hates ironing. Lots of companies now sell wrinkle sprays which work to lightly mist the problem areas and loosen the wrinkles in the fabric. Both Downy and Tide offer wrinkle sprays, but we love the fresh scent of this crease release.

There you have it — three ways to never iron again. Sometimes being lazy pays off.

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