5 Easy Tricks to Keeping an Organized Closet

If you’re like us, you always put “Get More Organized” at the top of your resolutions list but half the year rolls around before you actually get around to cleaning out that junk drawer or organizing the closet.

It doesn’t have to be that hard! We’ve rounded up the top clean closet tips from organizing pro’s to make tackling that mountain of crap in the back of your wardrobe a little easier.

Go by Category

It sounds almost too simple. But you don’t realize how many dozens of pairs of jeans you have till they’re spread out on your bedroom floor. Grouping by categories makes it easier to know exactly what you have, what you should get rid of, as well as gaps in your wardrobe you should fill.

Rachel Zoe of The Zoe Report takes this mode of organizing even further, “Arrange pieces by item, then style, length, and color, so that you can see everything clearly. The same goes for shoes: style, color, height.”

Try Before You Toss

We all have those long-lost items of clothing in the back of the closet. When digging through old clothing, be sure to try it on. You may find that a jacket you loved a few years back is just as stylish as you remember. Or, it can be an easy way of immediately realizing that bright yellow polo that looked oh-so-cute in the store is a definite giveaway.


 Part of keeping an organized closet is strategically storing your items. That backless gown you wear once a year – don’t put it in front of your every-day work dresses. Storing like items with like not only keeps everything neater, it helps you easily put together fabulous outfits!

Make Everything Visible

Rather than cramming sweaters in a drawer or hiding them behind long-hanging items in your closet, invest in some clear bins. Not only will everything be in plain sight, it will encourage you to keep items folded neatly.

We love these simple organizers from the Container Store – only $15!

The Hanger Test

Are you a sentimental sorter? If you just can’t bear to part with a sweater or favorite dress from a few seasons back, turn items hanging in the closet backwards. Every time you wear an item, put it back in the closet hanging correctly. After 6 months, survey your closet. Are there lots of clothes still hanging backwards? Time to get rid of them!

Peter Walsh from Extreme Clutter popularized this method of clothes cleansing, “Be prepared for a shock; you are going to find you own lots of clothes you have no use for. You should seriously consider getting rid of anything you don’t wear regularly.”

Hopefully these simple steps will help you to declutter and organize your closet permanently. We’re big believers in spring cleaning over here at 2ULaundry. Cleaning out the closet is enough – why not let us handle cleaning the winter clothes, blankets, duvets, and curtains? Check out our wide array of cleaning services here!