5 Myths About Silk Sheets


No…you’re not going to slide right off the bed.

It’s almost Valentines Day and you want a special way to spice things up for your big date night. If you’re considering a bed with silk sheets and rose petals thrown all over it, we say go for it. Here are 5 busted myths to put your mind at ease.

They’re slippery

Silk is naturally soft and tightly woven fabric, making it less “grippy” than it’s synthetic or cotton counterparts. And while that definitely provides less friction, you don’t have to worry about slipping right off the bed.

This remains a common myth, however, because of the popularity of synthetic silk sheets usually made from polyester. These artificial silk sheets are very slippery and a poor quality comparison to authentic silk.

They need to be dry cleaned

Au contraire! While silk sheets do require special cleaning, they don’t need to be dry cleaned. We always recommend washing by the care tag instructions. However, you can usually safely wash silk sheets on a gentle cold water cycle with a specialized detergent.

Even though silk sheets will lose some of their luster after continued washes, they also become softer and silkier to the touch.

Silk sheets are chemically processed

This one is a maybe. Lower quality and synthetic (read polyester – yuck!) silk sheets are often bleached for a crisp white color. However, if you’re buying wisely and select quality silk sheets, you don’t have to worry about dyes and chemicals. Quality silk is naturally white and requires no processing.

Silk sheets are too expensive

Yes, silk sheets are more than those cotton blend ones you can pick up from Target. And while the Target ones come in super fun patterns and colors, they’re often itchy, thin, and fade after just a couple of washes.

Silk silks require thousands of teeny tiny silk cocoons. They’re methodically unraveled and spun into delicate threads. Studies show it takes up to 5,000 cocoons to produce ONE POUND of silk!

So yes, silk sheets are a gonna cost a little more than $20. But they’re worth the investment (see below!)

Silk sheets won’t last very long

Silk is a delicate fabric and requires special care. That being said, given the right TLC silk sheets last beautifully for years. Silk’s strength-to-weight ratio is so great it was used for parachutes in the first World War before the invention of nylon!

When purchasing silk sheets, shop around for a heavier weight silk. Silk with a weight of 19mm or more is made specifically for bedsheets.