5 Non-Laundry Uses For Dryer Sheets


Yes, they do a great job of making your laundry smell like a “Green Meadow” or “Hawaiian Breeze”, but did you know dryer sheets have a lot of other practical uses? Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Deodorizer

Ok, ok…this one is a little obvious. But have you ever thought to place dryer sheets in your gym back or sneakers? Leave a couple of sheets overnight and in the morning – voila! Odors are gone.

  1. Iron Cleaner

You know all that burnt on gunk that keeps getting ironed onto your clothes? No more! Simply set the iron on its lowest setting and rub a dryer sheet across it until all the residue disappears.

  1. Static Stopper

 Just as it does during the drying cycle, a dryer sheet can be used to quickly eliminate static from a skirt you’re wearing. Just rub the sheet over the problem area.

  1. Shower Scummer

When you bought that squeegee at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, you promised yourself you’d use it every time you showered. And there it sits in the corner of the shower, completely unused, next to doors layered in soapy scum. Ditch the squeegee by sprinkling a couple of drops of water on a dryer sheet and use that to scrub those shower doors crystal clean.

  1. Bad Ass Duster

From hard to reach corners to car dashboards to your TV set, dryer sheets are the perfect dusting tool. You can even use them to pick up sawdust during a Pinterest-inspired DIY project.