6 Ways To Make Annoying Chores…Not So Annoying

We all have that list — the endless honey do’s of the household. While necessary, common chores like changing light bulbs, washing dishes, and doing the laundry take up a lot of time and can often be stressful. Here are six easy ways to make those daily tasks a little easier and more efficient.

  1. Jump Start the Day (The Night Before)

This is a super simple but essential habit to form if you want to stop running around for 10 minutes every time you run out the door. Gather everything you’ll need for the day — gym clothes, keys, lunch boxes, and shoes — and place them all in the same spot. Getting everything in one place beforehand cuts down on the morning rush and ensures you don’t forget anything essential.

2. Clean the Fridge Bite by Bite

Rather than having to dig through an overflowing refrigerator or finding questionable leftovers from a few weeks ago that you forgot about, eliminate waste from the fridge a little at a time. Every time you pull an item from the fridge to use, select another that you can get rid of. Repeat until your fridge is clutter free!

3. Divide and Conquer

With everything else going on in our busy lives — work, soccer games, dinners with friends — getting stuff done around the house quickly becomes overwhelming. Delegate tasks to different members of the household and make them more fun by timing “contestants” and giving out prizes.

Also, buy and prep in bulk. Buy extra items like batteries, toilet paper, and light bulbs and store in specific areas in the house. It’ll save you time and a headache later when you actually need them. In the kitchen, cut up your all your veggies and fruits on a slow Sunday night so you can use them easily throughout the week.

4. The 6 Months Rule

While spring cleaning or when the linen closet gets so jam packed that you have to clean it out, employ the 6 Months Rule. With each item, ask yourself, “Have I thought about this or used this in the last six months?” If the answer is no, toss it into one of these three piles — Trash, Donate, Sell. This will make your cleansing process a lot more simple and straightforward.

5. Shop Strategically

Grocery runs, long lines at the post office, the dreaded DMV — you know the drill. Similar to buying airline tickets at specific times to save money, you can save a lot of time by strategizing your day to day errands.

Studies show Wednesday evenings are generally the slowest times at grocery stores and delivery services like Shipt bring groceries straight to your door! Getting to the Post Office first thing in the morning generally helps you cut the long wait times. Do some research online and choose the DMV according to what you need — often times offices have specific locations for passports, licensing, and more. Also, many DMV’s allow you to make appointments online now, helping out with long wait times.

6. Never Do Laundry Again

Laundry’s one of the most annoying and time consuming tasks of all. Mountains of dirty clothes, pairs of socks that will never be reunited, forgetting the dry cleaning…again. We get it. That’s why 2ULaundry exists. Put your laundry on autopilot by signing up for a free bag— we offer free delivery and pickup and affordable, no commitment monthly plans to save you time and money.