Silk pillowcase

Are Silk Pillowcases Really Worth It?

Silk pillowcases have been proclaimed as the magic trick to transform your normal nightly rest into true beauty sleep. They’re apparently good for both skin and hair and will put you in the ranks of Jane Birken who said, “When you’ve got nothing left, all you can do is get into silk underwear and start reading Proust.” Other than giving you a luxurious je ne sois quoi, does sleeping on silk really bring these added health and beauty benefits?


Here’s why:

  • Silk is a tightly woven fabric which helps facial skin retain rather than lose moisture throughout the night
  • It is a gentle, natural fabric which causes less irritation than synthetic fabrics and doesn’t crease like cotton. Because aren’t you tired of people being able to tell when you hit the alarm clock approximately 15 times?
  • Silk, unlike cotton and synthetic fabrics, offer a softer and more giving feel. Unlike other pillowcases which gently but persistently tug at skin, silk has more slip. This means fewer wrinkles and no more rats nests when you wake up

OK, I wanna give it a try…

A few things to know before purchasing silk pillowcases:

  • Type of Silk: The best is 100% long strand Mulberry Silk which is longer, whiter, and a more durable thread than other types of silk.
  • Type of Weave: Select a charmeuse weave. This is a traditional weave from slower, narrow looms which result in a tighter, more quality fabric.
  • Weight of fabric: Select a 22 momme (weight of 100 yds. of material that’s 45” wide) weight. This is a little heavier and more substantial than standard 15 momme and is better for bedding.

Still have questions? Check out this awesome article from Huffington Post.