How I get my kids into a back-to-school routine

Vacations are over. Camps are coming to an end. Summer is winding down. Getting my 6 and 9-year-olds back into a school schedule is what we start to focus on now. On the first day of school, no one wants to wake up sleepy kids that are used to being on a summer schedule and struggle to get them dressed and fed. Not fun! Plus, as a parent, you want to set them up for success in the classroom and I feel that’s my responsibility to make sure they’re well rested and ready to learn.

So here are some things we do in the week or two leading up to the first day of school to get them back into the routine:

-Our kids usually stay up later throughout the summer so each day we set their bedtime back 10-15 minutes earlier. That way they’re eased back into waking up on time to get to school.

-We cut out any screen time an hour before bedtime. The blue light devices give off has been proven to keep people up. We read during that time instead.

-To get the kids mentally thinking about returning to school we have them pick out the outfits they want to wear for the first couple of days of school. They love that!

-To get our kids back into the groove of learning we have them really focus on completing their summer bridge books. And we offer a small reward once they’re completed. An ice cream party can be very motivating!

-Enjoy those last days of summer as much as possible. We’ve learned from summer to summer, the kids grow up so much and so fast. So we try to cherish that time as much as possible.

Those are my tips! Hope you found them helpful. Thank you 2ULaundry for allowing me to be a guest blogger. And I truly hope you readers have had a great summer. I wish your families the best of luck in easing back into the school year!