How To Care For Delicates


Your fancy bras and undies — fun to buy, more fun to wear, but they’re a drag to clean. Delicates come with confusing labels and a long list of do’s and dont’s. Here’s everything you need to know about your naughties so you can spend less time washing them and more time enjoying them.


Bras are best washed every 3–5 uses; washing them after every use is unnecessary and will quickly wear down the bra’s form. Even though it’s annoying, read the care label and wash accordingly — fabrics like cotton and polyester can often be machine washed but more delicate fabrics like silk must be hand washed using a specialized detergent like this one.

When machine washing bras, be sure to use a garment bag to keep straps from becoming tangled and elastic being overstretched. Whether you hand wash or machine wash, don’t ever place bras in the dryer — it will damage the fabric and destroy the form of your bra. It’s best to lay bras out on a towel and allow to air dry.


Just like the rest of your laundry, sort underwear by color before washing on a delicates cycle in cool to warm water. For silk and more delicate fabrics, soak in a mild detergent before hand washing or washing in a garment bag.

When drying underwear, it’s best to use a cool or low heat tumble setting. The heat from a dryer not only fades fabric color, it can wear down elastic bands.


Tights are also best washed in a garment bag; no one wants to have to dive head first into the washing machine and untangle waterlogged knots. Always air dry and lay out carefully; you don’t want to overstretch the tights and make them too long for your next wear.