How to Wash a Bra Without Ruining It

Let’s be honest. They’re called “delicates”, but most of us just throw bras in with the rest of our wash.

Then the straps start sliding off your shoulders, the lace gets mysterious tears, and the cups start drying in really weird shapes.

Considering the amount of money we spend on undergarments and the awesome job they do of making us feel and look good, let’s start giving them a little more love. Here’s your all-inclusive, not-too-much-of-a-hassle guide to washing your bras.


You can machine wash brash (see below) but hand washing them is better. We highly recommend it to keep bras in better condition and better shape for longer.

If your bra has gel inserts, remove them before washing. We recommend using a specific delicate detergent like this or this all-natural one. Fill your sink with warm water and add a teaspoon or two of detergent.

*Pro tip: Be careful to not add too much detergent. This can actually cause dirt and grime to stick to the garment rather than getting rinsed off, causing irritation in places you definitely don’t want it.



Soak bras for 15–30 seconds before swirling in the water and rinsing clean under cold water. Press and squish the fabric gently before repeating the process a few times until the rinse water runs clear.

Don’t be worried if on the first run, the water turns an icky grey. These are the garments that are closest to our — ahem — private parts. Just soak, rinse, and repeat as much as needed.

It’s best to air dry bras by placing them on a clean towel. Be sure to never hang dry a bra by the straps! The weight of the damp bra will stretch straps too much — causing the elastic to become stretched and worn to soon.



If you’re in a rush and have to throw the bra into the washing machine, here’s how to do it:

  • Always wash on a Gentle or Delicates cycle and in a special Delicates Bag like this.

*Just in case you were wondering: Washing machine cycles are based on the speed of the wash and spin cycles. The slower the speed, the less agitation on your unmentionables.

  • If you’re machine washing bras, always use a specialized detergent. They’re less harsh on delicate material and clean the bra better.
  • Always, always air dry. Just do it.

Finally, if you want to fresh up your undergarments after work and before a night out, lightly rinse it while you’re in the shower and hang it in the steamy bathroom while you get ready!

If you’ve got a pile of unwashed bras hanging out in the back of your closet, schedule a pickup with 2ULaundry. We provide complimentary Delicates service and unlimited Hang Dry on every order!