What is Dry Cleaning Really?

Simply put, dry cleaning is a process that cleans a garment without water. It’s great for winter jackets, duvets, and that sparkly cocktail dress you spill champagne on every New Years. But what really happens after you drop off garments at your local dry cleaners?

Dry cleaning began in the late 1800’s and early cleaning products included kerosine and gasoline (eek!). After World War 2, the industry grew dramatically and a safer solvent called perchlorethylene was developed. In addition to being safer, perc also cleaned clothes more thoroughly and efficiently.


These days, many dry cleaners are working towards even safer methods for dry cleaning. Organic and all natural solvents have been developed; some dry cleaners are even using the newest and most natural innovation of all — CO2.

While the products used are evolving, the dry cleaning process remains basically the same. Dry cleaners always begin by inspecting the clothing and checking for stains, rips, and tears that may need extra work. Next, clothes are loaded into a machine and washed with the solvent of choice. The machine is then motorized similarly to a normal washing machine, scrubbing stains, odors, and residual dirt away. Afterwards, the solvent is drained and clothes are pressed and placed in garment bags — presto!


It’s important to do your research when selecting a local dry cleaner. Items that require dry cleaning are delicate and need special care. 2ULaundry knows your clothing is important. Our dry cleaning process includes stain treatment, general cleaning, and professional pressing. Give us a try today!