Why You Need Hypoallergenic Detergent

All natural. Organic. Green. Sustainable. Chemical Free. Hypoallergenic.

These are words we all hear on a daily basis. In an effort to live healthier lives and protect ourselves, our families, and the environment, many of us are switching to natural based products and eschewing additives in food, medicines, and other products. But with all of these different buzzwords flying around, it’s hard to determine what they all mean. What’s the difference between these phrases and how do they translate into your everyday household products, like laundry detergent?

We’ve rounded up a few commonly asked questions about hypoallergenic products so you can make better decisions for yourself and your household.

What does Hypoallergenic mean?

Hypoallergenic simply means that products and ingredients are less likely to cause allergies. While it’s not a scientific term, Hypoallergenic means that distributors are going the extra mile to formulate products that will be safer for users, including making products that are fragrance free and safe for sensitive skin.

What are “Green” Products?

Also often labeled as Sustainable, Green products limit their negative impact on the environment by using energy efficient methods as well as biodegradable and non-toxic compounds. Make sure that the products you’re buying aren’t just labeled Green but have been tested and certified by a third party.

Is it really all that bad to have chemicals in my laundry detergent?

Many chemicals commonly found in name brand laundry detergents like Tide or Gain are dangerous for your family as well as the environment. Ingredients like sodium hydroxide, boric acid, and artificial fragrances not only cause skin and eye irritation, they have been proven to damage the immune system and have toxic effects on plants and animals. Last but not least, they wear your clothes are faster. No one wants that.

Will all Hypoallergenic products clean my clothes as thoroughly?

Yes! Hypoallergenic products are just as effective as your normal laundry detergents.

How do I tell if a laundry detergent is Hypoallergenic?

First, look for laundry detergents labeled fragrance and dye free. Second, do your research. Laundry companies are not required by law to list their ingredients but those committed to providing safe, efficient products often do so.

What kind of detergent does 2ULaundry use?

With our customizable memberships, 2ULaundry offers Hypoallergenic washing options for all of our wash & fold laundry services. We use locally sourced Charlie’s Soaps, made from all biodegradable ingredients and natural mineral ingredients, to ensure every load is washed using the safest methods for your household and for the environment.