Winter Essentials Care Guide

You spend a lot of time choosing the right winter coat for the cold months ahead. The special materials and design of these winter essentials are what get you through those wet and icy months of winter. So why not give them a little TCL back?

Down Jackets

Down jackets spend a good portion of the year tucked away deep in your closet. Without careful tending to, jackets can easily lose their comforting fluff and start to smell like…the back of your closet.

Whether a jacket is made of authentic or synthetic down, it’s important to give them a little wiggle room. Pressing the jackets tightly between other items will permanently press and damage the feathers inside. You can wash down jackets at home though most manufacturers recommend using a professional cleaning service.

If you decide to go the home route, wash the jacket in cold water on a delicate setting. When drying, it’s best to air-dry or dry on a no-heat setting. Adding a couple of tennis balls to the cycle will help re-distribute the down so it doesn’t dry in clumps.

Dusters and Trench Coats

In addition to keeping out the cold, dusters and trenches make your look tres chic. Keep them fit for the sidewalk runway by treating them before the winter weather hits. While many jackets are weatherproofed by the manufacturer, doing it at home as well will help prolong the life of the item.

Store dusters and trenches on sturdy wooden hangers to preserve the form of the jacket and to prevent rust stains common with wire hangers.

When washing, keep in mind these types of coats are generally made from cotton, polyester, or wool — fabrics that are always in style but tricky to clean. If you jacket has a lining, be sure to remove it and wash it separately on a delicate cycle.

While it’s a bit of a pain, it’s best to allow these items to air dry or take them to a professional cleaner. After all, you don’t want to risk ruining a perfect street style look.

Fur Jackets

Fur is an expensive and luxurious treat, and it likes you to remember it. To preserve the beautiful look and feel of your fur coats, be sure to store in a cool place during the warmer months. Similarly to down jackets, hang jackets on a sturdy hanger with enough room in the closet to breathe.

It’s important to not damage the natural oils of the fur so for any stains or cleanings, always use a professional fur cleaning service.

Have any questions about giving your winter essentials a little extra care? Let us know! Just email or text (704) 766–8730.