You’re Using Too Much Detergent

More detergent means cleaner clothes right? You’d think so.

Laundry is one of the most annoying yet one of the most necessary household chores. Studies show that the average American household does up to nine loads of laundry per week! Amid all of that sorting, washing, and drying, the last thing you’re thinking about is the perfect pour of laundry detergent.

Using the correct amount of detergent (you only need 1–2 tablespoons per load!) ensures clothes are cleaned thoroughly and efficiently. Pouring too much detergent into a load can leave residue on your clothing, cause allergic reactions, and can even damage your washing machine.

A few signs you’re using too much detergent:

· Stains or slimy residue on clothing

· Pungent odor in washing machine after cycle

· Leaking (especially in front-load washing machines)

· Washing machine stopping mid-cycle

Determining the amount of detergent to use depends on a few factors:

Dirtiness of the Load

Obviously, dirtier clothing requires more detergent to guarantee items are washed thoroughly. For soiled clothing, you can fill the detergent cup up to a third of the way full. Also, washing clothing in a cold water cycle helps the detergent to penetrate stains and dirt more efficiently.

Drum Size

The detergent directions listed on your average bottle of detergent are for standard sized washing machines. However, for housholds with high-efficiency washers or larger washing machines, you will need to measure more precisely.

To be on the safe side, google your washing machine’s manufacturer and adhere to their instructions. For high-efficiency washers, always make sure you’re using HE detergent as well.

Water Hardness

This varies from location to location. If you struggle with mineral buildups around faucets and in bathrooms, the hardness level in your water can have a negative effect on your washing machine’s effectiveness. In addition to using a little more detergent, it’s worth investing in a water softening detergent.

Figuring out the right detergent ratio can be tricky. A good rule of thumb is to half the amount of detergent you currently use and slowly add-on by tablespoon until you hit the sweet spot.

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